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Potter Heigham Village is located on the banks of the River Thurne located in North Norfolk and consisting of two halves, separated by the A149, the old railway line.  Most of the shops etc are situated on the West side of the A149. The sleepy older part of the village is to the East of A149.  

The bridge is well known among boaters on the Broads thanks to its low central arch. Reaching a height of just 6 ft. 9”, the bridge is only navigable by boats with a low air draft (distance from the surface of the water to the highest point on a vessel) with more opportunity at low water.

It is not unusual in the summer months to see  larger boats that become stuck under the central arch at high tide.  Smaller boats and particularly day boats, unless the tidal waters are high, don’t usually have a problem.

This is a popular way to explore these quieter areas.  It’s not uncommon at low tide to see a queue of boats waiting to pass through the bridge.  If you want to get through unscathed, it’s well worth hiring a local ‘pilot’ to get you and your craft to the other side of this low, narrow tunnel.  Those who hire cruisers are obligated to use the bridge pilot as a matter of course.

We hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions please contact us and we are happy to help.

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Potter Heigham

This picture shows the heart of Potter Heigham, boat rentals and food outlets

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