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Potter Heigham

Address - 27 Church Road Potter Heigham Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR29 5LH

Description -Single storey rear extension to dwelling; detached outbuilding in rear garden to provide double garage and domestic workshop

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Address - The Old Vicarage Norwich Road Ludham Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR29 5QA

Description - Variation of condition 5 (visibility splay) of planning permission PF/16/1364 as varied by RV/21/0167 to reffer to new drawing 273130 REV A instead of drawing PL01 as approved

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Potter Heigham

Address - Edenhurst Ludham Road Potter Heigham Norfolk NR29 5HZ

Description -Alterations to detached garage including replacement roof with higher ridge (retrospective) 

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Repp Bestwick

Address - The Old Bridge Hotel Site The Causeway Repps With Bastwick Norfolk

Description -8 one-bedroom & 4 two-bedroom flats for holiday use with restaurant & covered car-park at ground level 

Potter Heigham

Four Winds 99A North East Riverbank Potter Heigham Norfolk NR29 5NE

Alterations including replacement roof, rainwater-goods, shingles, patio doors, defective windows and cladding. Replace lean-to shed on west elevation and porch on east elevation.