Potter Heigham Signs

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Erected in 1981 this is a double sided located at the entrance to the village hall.On one side we have a soldier playing a drum. A drummer boy, home on leave, fell in love with a village girl and the pair made plans to marry before he was called back to his duties.

Nightly he skated from his home to the secret meeting place where he would spend evenings with his love, in a small hut on the edge of Hickling Broad, on arrival he would beat his drum to warn of his approach. On one fatal February night the ice had started to melt and he fell through the ice to his death.
The other side of the sign has a more cheerful picture of a windpump, Norfolk sherry, harvest safely gathered in judging by the hay and straw stacks, and a team of horses ploughing the field

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Located on the Staithe sign depicts a wherry maneuvering in front of Potter Heigham’s medieval bridge. On the left is the unusual brick font found in the Church of St Nicholas. The church is one of the most attractive with its 12th century round tower and thatched roof. The centre image celebrates the many old pottery works in the area which are said to date back to the Roman era.

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